Obesity, Weight Loss and Importance of Dietary Supplements

Obesity problems affects millions of Americans today. Since 1960s the obesity rates have tripled. One third of our children and more than two third of adults are over weight. Obesity results in increased rate of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. Life expectation reduces by 13 years if a person is overweight by 20.

Considering the above, if a person is obese then there is no option for him/her but to lose weight in a healthy manner. Losing weight is not difficult. It is commonsense - burning more calories than calories consumed. Body requires certain minimum number of calories for normal functions like breathing and digestion called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The actual number of calories required is a sum total of BMR and the calories required to perform extra activities. When the calories consumed exceeds the actual number of calories required by the body then it leads to weight gain. Daily calorie intake must be estimated accurately by keeping a food dairy and doing the totals which is indeed a tedious task. There are certain weight management products available which provide with meal and snack alternatives which are nutrient dense, low in calories, delicious and provides satisfaction. Regardless of weight there is certain level of exercise that is a minimum daily requirement to reduce risks associated with diseases but exercise alone does not help and has to be combined with a well balanced diet.

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When food is consumed in less quantities it results in improper nutrient balance in the body which finally leads to starvation syndrome. The quantity and quality of food consumed affects weight, energy, mood, activity level and mental posture. Eating healthy and nutrient dense food is very important. Eat less and lose weight concept does not work. A person has to eat better to lose weight. While dieting, people undergo a frustrating cycle of losing weight and gaining weight.

Tips for weight loss:
1.Consume food high in fiber.
2.No late night munching habits.
3.Have small meals intermittently to increase the metabolism rate.
4.Have dietary supplements complementing the regular diet.
5.Avoid calories from liquid foods.
6.Exercise for 15 to 30 min regularly.
7.Never skip breakfast.

Lot of alternatives are available if a person is busy and does not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner to help lose weight. Certain products like meal bars and snack bars are available designed for aiding weight loss but which can also supply the essential macro and micro nutrients. Some weight loss supplements also help in weight loss and weight management and are very safe and effective.

1.Eating less does not lead to weight loss in turn has an adverse effect on the body and mind.
2.Starving or skipping meals results in a physiological drive to overeat and leads to weight gain.
3.Eating fat does not make people fat but differentiating between the good fats (Omega-3 etc.) and bad fats ( Trans fats, polyunsaturated fatty acids etc.) becomes essential.
4.Eating low carb or no carb does not aid weight loss since they are the main sources of energy. Refined and processed carbs like sugars are bad but carbs from fruits, beans etc. are good since they contain lot of phytonutrients.

Since the food that is consumed everyday does not include fresh and healthy wholesome foods and majorly constitutes processed and junk food, body does not get balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. Even during weight loss regime body is deprived of essential nutrients. If the daily intake of food is not supplemented with dietary supplements or nutrient supplements body immune system weakens and body becomes susceptible to various diseases. Some phytonutrients also aid weight loss by metabolizing fats. A well balanced diet is a must for life long weight loss. Dietary supplements help to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

There should be enough motivation to make changes that will last for the rest of life. Successful weight loss requires life long weight management and commitment beyond cutting calories. Successful weight loss in depth means weight loss and weight management.


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